Volkswagen Golf Plus 2009-2013 review

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You might not have thought there was room between the Golf – itself not exactly a compact car any more – and the Touran mid-sized MPV, but VW thought otherwise. It is, then, what it seems: a slightly more spacious, bigger and more versatile Golf.

Initially introduced in 2005 the Golf Plus has been around for a while now, receiving a ‘new’ Volkswagen makeover in 2009 to incorporate the brand’s sharper front grille and angular headlamps. Behind that neater face it’s largely the same, save for more advanced engines and a higher standard equipment count. 

There’s nothing particularly clever about its interior packagingMatt BurtExecutive Editor, Autocar

Look at the Golf Plus as essentially as a practical Golf with lots more room inside (mainly headroom thanks to a higher roof) and easier access. Unsurprisingly there are no hot GTI or GTD versions – presumably because of a predicted lack of demand. It looks a touch strange, too, but if it’s a Golf you want and space you need then perhaps this is for you. 

As such it’s never a car you’re going to get hot under the collar about, but it you value its greater practicality, the easier access its higher driving position affords, ease of use, high quality interior and inoffensive style then the Golf Plus isn’t without merit. 

Underlining its age is the lack of anything particularly clever about its interior packaging. Admittedly, it’s more spacious, but there’s no third row seats – for that you’ll need a Touran – and some of the more clever stowage and seating solutions available today you’ll need to look at newer rivals. 

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Volkswagen Golf Plus 2009-2013

GoodVery spacious interiorGood rideRefinementBadFeels the extra weightNot as flexible as a real MPVLooks odd

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