How Kia Business is making life simple for fleet managers

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Being a fleet manager is no easy task. Keeping your company cars (and the people who use them) on the road as much as possible – whether they’re working hard for your business or enjoying the benefits a car offers – is paramount. But, let’s face it, running any size of fleet comes with plenty of challenges that mean it’s never a totally smooth process.

With company cars racking up thousands of hard-working miles, it’s only a matter of time before they need to take time out for annual servicing or routine maintenance. Additionally, there’s the unexpected to consider, whether caused by accident or breakdown.  With vehicle downtime estimated to cost up to £700 per day*, no-one wants to add to the expense of having a vehicle off the road. Equally, there’s the administrative hassle to consider, whether it’s for the driver or an already beleaguered fleet manager.

That’s where Kia Business Service Promise comes in. Whatever the size and scale of your business, this brand-new fleet-focused aftersales product from Kia is an unwavering commitment to all fleet managers. The service is a one-stop solution that answers any and all problems, while helping to take the pressure off running company cars.

Available through Kia’s extensive network of 192 UK dealers, the Kia Business Service Promise will help you keep your company car drivers on the road (or put them back) as quickly as possible – all using genuine Kia-approved parts, fitted by expert dedicated Kia specialist technicians, all at the most cost-effective price.

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All the big benefits of dealer support for fleets

The question of whether to use a franchised dealer or an independent provider for servicing your company cars is a decision that faces every fleet manager.

At a time when every firm faces growing financial pressures, it’s sometimes perceived that using an independent provider for vehicle servicing, maintenance and repair can be a cheaper path than going to a franchised dealer. As a result, it can be tempting to leave the safe haven of manufacturer support in fear of big bills – especially after manufacturer warranties have expired. But that’s missing the bigger picture.


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“Because there’s a fear that main dealer servicing is more expensive or mainly focused on retail customers, fleets traditionally miss out on all the benefits,” says John Hargreaves, Kia UK’s General Manager for Fleet and Remarketing. “That means fleets might miss out on Kia-trained service technicians, genuine parts and maximum residual values.”

Kia’s Business Service Promise is the response to that dilemma, delivering the specialised technical expertise and genuine parts you expect from a large dealer group with the advantageous savings you traditionally expect from smaller independent chains­. Win, win.

Support wherever you are

In the last 30 years, Kia has come a long way: now boasting an extensive range of acclaimed models that includes the multi award-winning all-electric Kia EV6 – recipient of the highly coveted 2022 What Car? Car of the Year trophy and a four-and-a-half star rating from Autocar’s road-test team – as well as the ever-popular Kia Sportage and all-new Niro range.

As a result, Kia is currently the fifth best-selling brand in the UK and the number two brand for fleet sales (at end November 2022) – with an impressive 7.9 per cent market share, and over of 57,000 fleet vehicles sold year-to-date.Through the Kia Business Service Promise, you and your company car drivers get access to each and every one of Kia’s 192 dealers – all delivering the quality customer-focused care you’d expect. That means you’ve got support wherever you are, even if trouble strikes unexpectedly.

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